3 Actions To Securely Pack Your Glass Lamp Before A Move

Interstate removals can be a mixture of excitement and dread. The idea of starting a new life is a huge thrill, but there's a bit of stress knowing how much you have to do before you actually make the move. If you have a lot of glass items, you need to make sure everything is properly packed and labelled to ensure they travel safely in the interstate removalist's truck. Here are some actions to securely pack your glass lamp before a move.

Remove The Bulb And Wires For Packing Separately

Before you pack anything, remove the lampshade, bulb and wires from the lamp. If the wire is not detachable, then wrap it around the base so that it doesn't get caught up in anything while packing. If the wire is detachable, wrap it around itself and place it in a bag that should eventually be placed in the box with the whole lamp so that it doesn't get misplaced. Place the bulb in a box and fill the box with packing paper to prevent it from moving around. The box and packing paper will keep the bulb secure and damage free once the truck is on its way.

Detach The Lampshade And Pack Securely 

This is the tricky one because a glass lampshade is extremely delicate. Make sure you detach the lampshade delicately to prevent it from breaking. Cover it in bubble wrap a few times for added layers of protection. You can add another layer of thick cloth to make sure the lampshade is well protected. Then place it inside a box and fill the empty spaces with packing paper. This ensures the lampshade doesn't move around inside the box. Label the box as a breakable item so the removalist knows to be careful.

Cover The Lamp Base

Now that you've covered the lampshade, bulb and wires, your final step is to wrap the base. If the base is metal or ceramic, it's best to cover it in bubble wrap and then a cloth to ensure it doesn't break. Place the lamp base, lampshade box, bulb box and wire bag together in a single larger box so that you don't misplace any items. All empty spaces in the bag should be filled with packing paper. Mark the entire box as fragile for added protection.

Packing a lampshade doesn't have to be difficult. But it needs extra care to ensure it reaches your new home in one piece. If you're nervous about packing it yourself then the removalists can most likely pack it safely and securely for you.