Choosing Between Tinted and Frosted Shower Screens

A shower screen isn't just meant to stop water from splashing everywhere in your bathroom; it's also a key feature that can help transform the appearance of the room. This is the main reason homeowners need to be smart when choosing their shower screens style.

Two main options you can choose from are tinted and frosted shower screens. This post will outline everything you need to know about these types of shower screens to help you make a smart choice when selecting your shower screen.

Frosted shower screens

These shower screens are made of frosted glass that's rendered opaque. A person can't see through it; although, it still allows light through. Frosted glass in created in various methods, and the popular methods include sandblasting, application of special window films and acid etching. The entire glass panel can be frosted or certain designs can be applied during the frosting procedure, creating a unique pattern that's usually chosen by the user.

Frosted glass is ideal for shower screens since it gives users the privacy they require without losing any light, regardless of the source of light. The feature is great for people who have open-plan or an all in one bathroom. This means another person can still use the bathroom as you shower, and they will not see anything they shouldn't.

Other than offering privacy, frosted shower screens have a classic elegant appearance that doesn't interfere with the wall or tile colour. You can either frost the entire glass or the main panel in your shower screen, depending on your budget, preference or bathroom layout.

Tinted shower screens

A tinted shower screen is made with any type of glass, provided the tinting is applied. Usually, tinting is applied as a coating or film, and it's meant to regulate the quantity of light that gets through the screen. While tinting is available in numerous colours, the most popular options are shades of green, grey and blue.

Tinting is a suitable choice for a shower screen since it helps you attain different levels of privacy, and this is determined by the darkness of the tint. Tinted glass is extremely elegant and is suitable for all bathroom styles. Just like frosted glass, you can choose to tint part of the shower screen or the entire glass. However, it's important to note that tinting affects the bathroom tiles colour, so choose the tiles or tinting carefully to get the desired colour result.