Finding the Right Tree for Your Garden

Landscaping your garden is a task that can easily fill you with joy. At the same time, it's one that requires a lot of effort. One feature in your garden that can prove useful in terms aesthetics and function are the trees you choose. By understanding more about the types that will benefit your garden, you can select the right ones from your local wholesale tree nursery

Choose an Angophora for ultimate shade

If year-round shade is important to you, choose an Angophora. As large trees, they tend to grow particularly well in sandy soils. They can reach heights ranging between 15 and 25 metres, which means they're usually only suitable for very large gardens. If your garden is small or moderately sized, you might find that the Angophora overshadows it and doesn't leave much room for sunlight.

Make the most of autumn colour with cherry and plum trees

One of the most attractive aspects of autumn is that your garden can burst with colour if you take the right approach to landscaping. To make the most of the season, consider asking your wholesale tree nursery whether it sells cherry or plum trees. Both burst with vibrant colours when autumn comes around, which will make your garden look picturesque. Another tree worth your consideration is the maple tree. Maple trees depend on well-drained soil, which is something to consider before you buy one. 

Bring a small garden to life with Crepe Myrtle

Although Crepe Myrtle trees are small, their vibrantly-coloured flowers have the power to bring petite gardens to life. Their dainty nature also means you can add one to a smaller space without worrying about overshadowing it. The colour lasts year-round, and with the right love and care, your Crepe Myrtle will grow up to five feet tall. These trees love the sun, so make sure the one you plant will benefit from around six hours a day to reach its full potential.

Enjoy a minimal-attention tree such as Arbutus unedo

Although the Arbutus unedo is attractive and features startling colours, it doesn't require much attention once you establish it. It works best in well-drained soil and will even flourish in an urban environment. It doesn't grow well in areas where cold winds hit it, though, so you should choose something else if your garden is particularly exposed.

With the right advice from your local wholesale tree nursery, you'll soon find something worth planting in your yard.