Reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit

You can find self storage units available to hire on a short-term basis in nearly every major town and city in Australia today. The reason that they are so commonplace nowadays is that they offer a great deal of flexibility, no matter whether you are looking for additional business storage or something for your own personal use. In many cases, they can also be a good deal cheaper than you might have expected. Why might you decide to rent such a unit for yourself? 

  • Disruption at Home

One of the main reasons that people hire a unit in a self storage facility is that they have something going on at home that means they don't have all of their usual personal storage space. For example, if you are having your kitchen refitted, then you need to ask yourself what you will do with all of your items whilst this work is being carried out. There again, you could be having some renovation work done at home that means you need to move all of your furniture out. If so, then you can easily fill up your garage and outbuildings, and therefore require additional space elsewhere. 

  • Moving to a Smaller Home

Another very common reason to rent a unit in a self storage facility might be because you are downsizing. It might be that you are moving from a four-bedroom property to a two-bedroom flat, for example. Equally, you might need a smaller space as a result of a relationship breakdown, which means that you need to get your personal items out and away from your former partner while you get yourself back on your feet. Whatever the reason for downsizing, a self storage facility can be the perfect temporary solution. 

  • Excess Stock

When you have an influx of business stock that you cannot fit into your stockroom, you may need to stow away your items elsewhere for a short period of time. Sometimes, you have to hold goods back from sale until they are officially launched, which can create a real headache if you don't have a decent warehouse facility of your own. However, renting additional storage space on a permanent basis can be costly, especially if you do not make full use it all the time. As such, renting a self storage facility on a short-term basis may work out as a much more flexible and cost-effective solution for you.