Five Different Kitchen Benchtop Options For Your Home

There are many different work surfaces that you can choose for a kitchen nowadays than were available even a decade or so ago. Most good kitchen wholesale providers will offer a huge amount of choice that will allow your remodelling contractor to obtain the right look for your chosen design. Remember that benchtop work surfaces cover large areas of your kitchen, so the look of them is incredibly important for a strident design. Pay as much attention to getting the right sort of kitchen benchtop as you would your cabinet doors, for example. They both generate a great deal of visual impact despite the obvious fact that kitchen benchtops sit on a horizontal plane. What are some of the best options around for your kitchen benchtop?

1. Engineered Stone

With a look that is just as good as real marble and granite, engineered stone is fashioned from very durable resins. Solid colours and flecks that pick up the light are available. They are easy to clean and a lot cheaper than the materials they imitate!

3. Timber Benchtops

These sorts of kitchen work surfaces are becoming increasingly trendy. You need to maintain such benchtops so that they remain resistant to water and staining but you get a warm and natural look that feels great to touch, too. This is an ideal choice for adding character to your home.

3. Stainless Steel

Even a few years ago, kitchen wholesalers would not have stocked metal benchtops at all for domestic consumption. This is no longer the case because copper and – even more desirable – stainless steel is now widely installed in homes. It offers a clean, professional look which is also easy to maintain.

4. Granite

Although it is very heavy, granite provides a superb look in nearly all kitchens, even fairly small ones. Don't think of it as a dark material for benchtops because it comes in a wide variety of tones. However, it is one of the more expensive options. Granite just needs to be wiped over to keep it in good working order.

5. Bamboo Benchtops

An ecological choice, bamboo is a sustainable material that can be put to many different uses around the home including making work surfaces for kitchens. It looks much like a timber benchtop when it is installed professionally despite being cheaper than many other alternatives. If damaged, you can sand it back to create a good finish once more.