6 Things to Consider When Choosing Security Screen Doors

While you cannot completely protect your home from burglary, there is plenty you can do to reinforce the security of your premise. Security is essential. However, as a new homeowner, you may not know how to go about selecting the best security screen door. 

Here are 6 things to consider before making a choice. 

1. Manufacturer of the Door

This decision could be the ultimate deciding factor. Ensure you buy the door from a reputable distributor or the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will provide you with a bespoke door that will fit your home's décor and still provide you with the best security available in the market. 

Buying second-hand doors could lead you to get a substandard door or even an imitation of the original. Additionally, you may not get a manufacturer's warranty to use in case of a breakdown. Ensure you find out how long the company has been in operation and is free of scandals that relate to the failure of their security screen doors. 

2. Customer Reviews

Ensure you request your friends and family, or even neighbours, to advise you on the door you should select. This information will help narrow down the options for you. Then you can then proceed to visit the showroom and select the security screen door that appeals to you the most. 

3. Warranty, Service and Maintenance

These fundamental aspects help you narrow down the choices. A company that respects its customers will have a warranty to service the door should a need arise. Ensure the purchase contract includes this information. Read all the small print, and compare what one company has to offer to what others are offering. 

4. The Material of The Door

This is another critical aspect. Even as you choose to depend on other factors, the material used is a large determining factor. Ensure your door is made of a durable and secure material such as steel. 

5. Locks

No matter what door you choose to purchase, if the locks are insufficient, you are still not safe. Ensure the manufacturer fits your door with a stable and secure lock that works to the optimum. 

6. How the Door Opens

You should decide on which direction you need your screen door to open. Traditional types involve screen doors that open in the normal way, swinging outwards. A sliding type will slide back and forth across the track as you open it and close it. Retractable screen doors do not use the conventional frame. Rather, there is a spring-loaded casing which holds the screen mesh, allowing you to pull it across or down the doorway. With this type, you eliminate the need to fit the door.

While you need to consider the aesthetics of the door, your most important consideration should be the security features such as locks. Also, pay attention to the durability of the door and the cost in the long-run. Visit your local hardware or manufacturer after considering all these factors and get help selecting the best security screen door for your home.