Should You Add Weights to Vertical Blinds?

If you've decided to install full-length, vertical blinds on large windows, then you need to decide whether to add weights to the blinds. How do these weights work and why should you consider adding them?

What Are Blind Weights?

Vertical blind weights sit at the bottom of a blind. They come in various designs but all do the same job. They weigh the blinds down.

So, for example, you can use weighted chains. Here, the chain runs along the bottom of the blinds in loops across the blades. Or, you can use chainless weights. These products are typically small sheets of plastic. They fit inside each blade so they aren't immediately visible.

Why Use Blind Weights?

Large vertical blinds that sit in front of large windows fall naturally straight and evenly when they are installed. If the window is never opened, then the individual blades and the blind itself should stay in place.

However, if you put these blinds in front of a window and then open it, then breezes and gusts of wind will blow at the blades. At the very least, you'll find this irritating. If the wind gets up, then it may also push the blades out of position.

Typically, vertical blinds are relatively lightweight. However, if a few blades blow into the room, then they could damage things. For example, if blades blow against a lamp or ornament, then they could knock it over.

You may also find that the blades on the blinds get tangled up as they are blown about. You may have to untangle them and put them straight to get them looking good again. In extreme cases, a sudden gust of wind or regular movement may be enough to damage the blades. They may show fold lines or marks, for example.

However, if your vertical blinds have weights on or in their blades, then you shouldn't have any of these problems. The weights hold the blades in place.

So, they are more likely to stay straight and not move out of position if they are heavier at the bottom. This should be enough to deal with breezes and even the occasional gust of wind.  If a heavy wind blows the blades about a bit, then the weight at the bottom encourages them to go back into position once the wind dies down.

If you think weighted vertical blinds are a good option, talk to your blinds supplier. They can show you different kinds of weights and help you choose the best option.