The Best Way to Heat Your Home or Business

While air conditioning is the most popular form of temperature control it is not as efficient or as long-lasting as other options. If you are looking for the best way to keep your home toasty then there are other options which should be considered. In-floor heating has long been seen as an option for only the wealthy but in recent decades the price has become more affordable due to increases in technology and more providers looking to widen their customer base. If you are looking for the most luxurious form of heating without breaking the bank then floor heating should be your go-to.

On-Slab Heating

You may be thinking that since you have already built your home it is too late to install in-floor heating but this is not the case. On-slab heating is a form of floor heating that doesn't require major renovations. The floor heating coils are installed on top of your foundational slab, meaning you just need access to this level. If you don't have a slab or want to install floor heating upstairs then this is possible too as floor heating can be installed on almost any material including wood. This process is simple and can be done within a day or up to a week, depending on the area.

In-Slab Heating

The other option for floor heating is in-slab heating and this does require some forethought if you don't want to tear up your home. For in-slab heating the heating elements are buried within the slab during construction, meaning that they are then permanently part of your buildings construction. This option is better for people who run businesses that require floor heating or for very large homes. If you are considering in-slab heating then you should contact a floor heating contractor before you begin construction so they can co-ordinate this plan with your builders.

Modern Technology

Perhaps the best part about modern floor heating is just how synced it is to technology which makes it so much easier to control and personalise. Once your floor heating is installed you can begin customising your heating preferences through your thermostat that can often be controlled through your smart device or on a touchscreen pad. Modern floor heating also allows you to make certain rooms hotter, work in tandem with your air conditioning and organise timed schedules. Make sure to check that your floor heating is compatible with these features and get a contractor that is willing to install this at the same time as your heating is installed.