Three Different Water Filter Designs You Should Think About

Home water filters are one of the most popular additions to residential plumbing for many reasons, ranging from families afraid of any accidental leak in the main to couples who simply hate the taste of regular tap water. Whatever your reason is for getting home water filters, there are many benefits that you will enjoy from them. They can even add to the value of your home if you choose to eventually sell. However, there are several different types of home water filters, and if you are looking to add some then it can be confusing as to what the differences are. Here are three of the most popular designs decoded for you:

Under-Sink Filter

If you mainly use one sink in your house for water that you drink then an under-sink filter is really all that you need. This under-sink filter performs all the duties of the heavy-duty mains water filters but just in one tap. That means you still get the benefits of chlorine-free and sediment-reduced drinking water without having to pay the higher cost of getting a bigger water filter. This is the best option for families who are testing to see if home water filters are right for them or not.

Mains Water Filters

If you know that you already prefer the taste and health benefits of home water filters and are looking for one that will cover your whole house then a mains water filter is what you are after. These home water filters are the ones with the biggest output and they ensure that every outlet for water in your home is delivering quality, filtered H2O at all times. Mains water filters require a bit more of a regular servicing than single-tap water filters because of their higher usage, but they also last for years and years, just like the earlier models.

Rainwater Filter Systems

If you live on a rural property with a rainwater or bore water connection to your home then you should really consider getting a rainwater filter system. These systems have a higher filtration level to ensure that this untreated water is much safer and just as tasty as any other home's water. It is very important that you do have a filter on your rain or bore water plumbing systems, because that water is much more prone to disease, bacteria and dangerous sediment levels than that offered by water treatment facilities. While it may cost a bit more, a rainwater filter system gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your water and can literally be a lifesaver.