Essential Tips for Cleaning a Residential Awning

An awning is a great way to enhance your deck without spending a lot of money. The best part is that awnings come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs, thus allowing you to customise a design that meets your style. However, awning fabric gets dirty, and knowing how to clean the cloth properly is critical to the overall outlook of your deck. Unfortunately, this is where most people fail, and they end up with worn awnings that have lost their appeal. If you want your deck awning to last long and retain its look, read on.  

Clean Every Few Weeks

Awnings are usually utilised in the summer when the outdoors become the new indoors. Therefore, it is easy to forget that the fabric needs cleaning, especially if you have a fixed awning. If you wait too long to clean your awning, the chances are that you are going to deal with stubborn stains that require significant effort to remove It can mess up your summer because the deck will be unshaded for a day or two. However, if you clean the fabric regularly, all you need is a cleaning solution of warm water and bleach to kill potential mould. Since dirt is easy to remove when it is fresh, cleaning requires little effort. Moreover, regular cleaning will help you identify signs of wear early enough and make timely repairs.    

Use Low-Pressure Power Washer

Before you begin cleaning your awning, it is recommended that you first rinse it to remove loose dirt. While you can do so by pouring water on the fabric, a faster way of rinsing the awning fabric is using a pressure power washer. The equipment shoots a jet of water under pressure, thus removing loose dirt fast. However, you must be careful with the settings on the pressure washer because high pressure can damage the fabric. It is because the water shoots under high pressure, which is enough to tear a relatively light material. Therefore, always ensure the setting is low to avoid damaging your awning.  

Apply Sealant

If your awning sits in direct sunlight, then it will fade fast, and the ultraviolet rays will damage the fibres. Therefore, even as you wash your awning, it is crucial to remember to apply a sealant once the fabric is dry. The best sealant doubles as a waterproofing and UV-ray protective agents. For easy application, choose a sealant that comes in the form of a spray. Awnings that have a protective film tend to last longer than those that don't.