Design and Functionality Tips for Using Blinds in Your Toddler’s Room

When choosing blinds for your little one's room, you need to consider their design and functionality. The best window treatments are those that add to the room's visual appeal, improve safety and are easy to use and maintain. So here are a few tips to help in choosing and setting up the best blinds for your toddler's room.

Proper Installation

Installing window treatments correctly is key to preventing accidents in your toddler's room. Blind casings can cause fatal injuries if they fall, so have a professional install them for you. Doing so will not only guarantee proper installation but also ensure the blinds are correctly fitted to the windows. If you choose to pair the shades with other treatments such as curtains, have them installed by an expert as well. 

Consider Using Valances or Cornices

Valances are well-designed pieces of fabric that hung on top of a window to hide the window's hardware and add some colour and texture to the window. Cornices are like valances, but instead of fabric, they are made of plywood and covered with paint, fabric or wallpaper. 

These two options are great additions for dressing up your blinds, hiding the unsightly casings and improving the visual appeal of the toddler's room. They are also a great alternative if you want to add colour and structure to the window but are afraid of using curtains or sheers for child safety reasons.

Childproof the Blinds

Traditional blinds come with long cords which can pose a strangulation hazard to your child. Opt for cordless blinds to protect your child from strangling or choking themselves. You can also go for blinds with retractable cords such as Luxaflex. These are more child-safe than traditional blinds since the cord retracts after the blinds are opened or closed.

Alternatively, if your blinds have long cords, consider keeping them out of reach of your child. You can tuck the ties up high on the wall as a temporary fix. Or, for a more permanent solution, use cleats and wind up the excess cord on them to keep your child from reaching it.

Go for Automated Blinds

Automated blinds are efficient and easy-to-use. They allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the room, which is an essential factor in promoting your child's sleep during the day. You can completely close the blinds to maintain a dark room during the day for optimal sleep.

Automated blinds also come with smart controls that allow you to control them using your smartphone. They have a seamless operation and do not come with cords which can compromise your child's safety.

There you have it! Consider these crucial tips when choosing and installing blinds in your toddler's room. Don't forget to find quality blinds that will last longer and give you more value for your money.