Growing and Caring for Aloe Vera Plants

Plants are a great addition to the aesthetics of your home and lawn. If you are looking for plants that will last year round, succulents are the best. If you are searching for Succulent Plants for Sale, then you should considering starting your collection  with Aloe Vera. this plant is excellent for burns, wounds, diet and hair. The plant has moisturising qualities that help keep skin healthy. Aloe Vera helps prevent and heal sunburns. It is also an attractive addition to your home. Here are three tips for the care of aloe vera plants.  


When planting Aloe Vera ensure that you pick soil that will dry fast. Aloe Vera will not do well in clay soil that retains too much water. After planting your aloe vera plant, please place it in a brightly lit place, but not in direct sunlight. The plant will become soggy if placed in low light. Do not place it in the dark as it will not thrive. The plant will do well if placed in temperatures between 13 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. If you live in a place that gets very cold, you should bring your aloe vera plants indoors during such times.  


Do not water Aloe Vera frequently. Ensure that you water your Aloe Vera plants deeply but sparingly. You can water once every three weeks. Allow the water to dry a bit before you water again and do not allow your pot to get waterlogged as this will cause your Aloe vera plant to start rotting. Too much water can also cause your Aloe Vera to be affected by fungus. If there is too much water in the flower pot, it may encourage mosquitoes to come into your house. The fact that Aloe Vera requires little watering will make it an excellent plant for new plant owners who often forget to water their plants. Overwatering can also cause your aloe vera to affected by fungus.  

Pests and fertiliser 

Use fertiliser sparingly on your aloe vera plant. Use fertilisers that are meant for succulent house plants such as 10-40-10. Use it once a month for best results. Also keep an eye out for common pests.  Aphids, fungus gnats and scale attack aloe vera plants. Succulents are popular with sucking pests because of their fleshy leaves. If you find bugs on your succulent plant, spray it with insecticide then wipe with a soft cloth. 


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