What Is Wrong With the Aluminium Awning in Your Patio?

An awning is a great way to make your patio habitable and comfortable. They keep you away from the sun's glare while also ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your time outdoors during light showers. Essentially, an awning installed over your patio provides shade and cover over a space that would otherwise have remained open. Surely, you have many options for the types of awnings you can install over your patio. Opting for aluminium is the right decision considering the durability of the material and the leisurely time you will have maintaining it. The following piece teaches you how to troubleshoot an aluminium awning installed over your patio.

Your Awning Has Uneven Brackets

The sad part about some of the problems you encounter with awnings is that you cannot tell they exist unless you use the awnings for some time. Uneven brackets are a classic example. Naturally, an aluminium awning carries more weight compared to one made from a lighter material such as fabric. Therefore, the brackets used to mount your awning must be level for your awning to function correctly. If not, you will find it difficult when drawing or retracting the awning. Take note of the awning getting stuck midway whenever you draw or retract it. You need to call in a technician to adjust the position of the mounting bracket.

Leaks on the Awning Covers

A few months or years in the weather can take a toll on the aluminium awning cover. It is one of the problems encountered with outdoor awnings whereas your indoor awnings show no signs of damage. When rain and moist air assault your aluminium awning, oxidation and rust eat into the covers. You will notice small holes that allow water to seep through to other sections of the awnings whenever it rains. If your awning has leaks, you need to fix it by installing thin sheets of metal to cover the broken areas. You can also use caulking to seal the holes and restore the functionality of your covers.

Problems with the Motor

If you have automated the aluminium awning on your patio, you might encounter problems with the motor when retracting or lowering it. An aluminium awning getting stuck regularly during operation is a clear indication that the motor doesn't generate enough power to carry the weight of the awning. It could also be having issues with the current received from the cabling. Call a technician to assess the voltage and the motor specifications as you confirm that it aligns with the manufacturer's specifications.

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