Can You Overlook A Roof Insulation Service If You Have Invested In Wall Insulation?

Australia's ambient temperatures render insulation a necessary inclusion to all properties, residential and commercial alike. Without sufficient insulation, spending time indoors can be excruciatingly uncomfortable so you would have to waste a substantial amount of money on artificial cooling. A presumption many Aussie homeowners have is that if they have invested in wall insulation, then they do not have to splurge on roof insulation too. Yet, roof insulation offers a range of advantages that are hard to come across with wall insulation, making it just as essential for your house as its wall counterpart is. Before you underrate insulating your roof, consider the following reasons why you should never overlook a roof insulation service even after having installed wall insulation.

Retention of ideal temperatures in the home

Thermal loss and gain are usually associated with the walls and windows. However, what you may be surprised to learn is that your roof is responsible for quite a percentage of both heat loss and gain. Since the roof's direct exposure to the elements makes it the property's primary defence against the changing weather patterns, it is understood that it is also highly vulnerable to absorbing the ambient temperatures outdoors, which automatically affects the conditions inside the home. A roof insulation service is vital to creating a barrier that prevents unnecessary thermal changes inside the home. As a result, you begin to notice that your property is getting more energy-efficient, which translates into lower utility costs for the long term.

Increased property value

Because roof insulation is typically installed out of sight, not many people associate it with raising the overall market price of a property. However, this seemingly minor change can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the premises, which consequently positively impacts the potential profits you can make if you choose to sell the house down the road. For starters, potential buyers can be guaranteed that they will not be spending exorbitant amounts of money on electricity, more so during seasons characterised by severe temperature changes. Secondly, a comprehensively insulated roof is at reduced risk of damage since the surface is reinforced against the effects of drastic temperature changes. Hence, potential buyers can rest assured that roof replacement will not be an investment they will need to make prematurely.

Further reasons why you should schedule a roof insulation service despite having installed wall insulation is to help with suspending the pace at which roof leaks spread, as the insulation provides you with time to catch the water ingress early and address it before it causes structural damage. Moreover, comprehensive roof insulation also limits the occurrence and spread of mould and this helps with maintaining the health of your family.

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