Key Features to Look for in a Straight Drop Awning

Dining or simply relaxing on your patio is one of the most relaxing experiences, especially during a hot summer afternoon. However, a patio needs a bit of protection to keep you and the furniture safe from the elements. One way of protecting the inner sections of your deck is by installing awnings. The structures are perfect since they enhance your privacy without interfering with your view. Although you can choose from different types of awnings, it is advisable to select a trending piece. Straight drop awnings are currently gaining popularity due to their versatility and high level of privacy. This article highlights the top features to look for in a straight drop awning. 

Linkage Zippers

Covering the entire length of a large patio can be quite a problem if your space lacks railings to attach several awnings. While you can install a large straight drop awning on such a patio, some parts will be loose and might give way to strong winds. It is advisable to buy straight drop awnings equipped with linkage zippers. It means that you can buy multiple individual awnings and link them together using the zippers.

The main advantage here is that you can unzip one of the awnings and roll it up to allow a cool breeze. Additionally, a linkage zipper lets you roll individual awnings to whichever level you want. The versatility makes outdoor dining comfortable regardless of the time of day. 

Wire Guide

Some patios' entryways and windows are made of timber or bricks, requiring close-fitting awnings. If you decide to install ordinary straight drop awnings, the edges will constantly flap in the wind, and you will have a difficult time keeping the shade in shape. Thus, a wire guide is essential for spaces where close-fitting awnings are necessary. During installation, the bottom bar is connected to two-wire guides, which help provide tension to the awning.  It allows the fabric to move with ease and remain taut when in the down position. 


Choosing a well-designed awning with beautiful colours improves the aesthetics of your patio and the entire home. However, some straight drop awnings are simple, and the only aesthetic value they offer comes from their colour and design. However, others feature a valance that gives your patio tremendous curb appeal. An awning valance is a beautifully designed curtain piece that hangs a short distance from a straight drop awning. You can choose a valance that contrasts or complements your awnings' design. 

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