5 Reasons to Add a Shade Sail to Your Driveway

Shade sails are a popular addition to yards throughout Australia. They protect you from extreme weather and allow you to relax outdoors in comfort and safety. But shade sails aren't just useful for patios and outdoor dining areas. You can place a shade sail over a driveway too.

By placing a shade sail over your driveway where you park your car, you can gain several benefits that will come in useful during bouts of severe weather.

1. Protect your car from hail

Standard shade sails offer little protection against hailstones. But you can choose a shade sail that uses a stronger material, a material that can withstand the hailstones that are so common in Australia. This will protect your car on those days when the heavens send golf ball-sized hailstones crashing down.

2. Protect your car from UV rays

Some shade sail materials will also offer UV protection. This is important for a driveway because UV rays can gradually damage the paintwork of a car and cause the materials in the car to fade and lose their colour.

3. Keep your car cool and dry

On those days when you need to go out in harsh weather, if your car is unprotected, you'll suffer. This is true on rainy days when the rain soaks your car, or on hot days when direct sunlight leaves your car feeling like an oven.

4. Keep you cool and dry when you arrive home

If your driveway is unprotected from above, when you arrive home on days of extreme weather, again, you'll suffer as you leave your car. This can be a big problem if you have just come home from a shopping trip and need to get your shopping inside.

A shade sail with rain and UV protection will allow you to park your car and enter your home without suffering due to extreme weather.

5. Boost your property's curb appeal

Shade sails are stylish, especially if you choose one that complements your home's existing design in terms of colour, texture and shape. While awnings can be boring, shade sails can be bright and beautiful to look at.

If you want to protect your driveway with a shade sail, take the time to do your research. You might need to create a custom design to gain all of the aforementioned benefits.

If you have never considered placing a shade sail over your driveway, maybe now is the time to do so. Shade sails don't just protect you from harsh weather. They also look good while doing so.