Why Every Home Should Have a Shade Sail Over Their Pool

Swimming pools are one of the most common features of homes in Australia, with many people using them regularly during summer and, to a lesser extent, spring and autumn. This is especially true of families, as kids love playing around in the water. If you have a swimming pool then you know just how often your kids or you yourself get sunburnt as you lose track of time. Luckily, there is a better solution that does not rely on you remembering to always sunblock up before diving in. Shade sails are a great choice for coverage when you are in a swimming pool, and here's why.

They're Unobtrusive 

The main reason most people don't have solid structures over their swimming pools is that they feel quite crowded and in the way. Swimming under a solid fixture just does not feel the same way, as part of the enjoyment of being in a pool is the feeling of being outside in the open air, and you lose that with a fixed roof. Shade sails are a much less obtrusive option, and remind people of outdoor umbrellas more than a fixed roof, as they still flutter in the wind and allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the fear of sunburn. 

They Cover the Surrounding Areas

Shade sails can cover whole outdoor living areas and can be manufactured to be quite large. This means that you don't have to go to the added effort of organising the installation of awnings or pergolas. Everything you need can be fitted under one or two shade sails. Often the biggest risk of sunburn is not when you are in the pool, but when you have got out to talk to someone or dry off. You quickly forget the danger of the sun and it's not long before you start showing the pink and red effects of too many UV rays.

They Require Less Maintenance

The synthetic fabrics used in shade sails can hold up to virtually any sort of weather for many years without needing to be replaced. They won't develop mould or fungus easily and, if they do, it is simple to spray it off so you can have it looking brand new once again. The good thing is you are not risking a solid structure breaking down due to the increased presence of water and constant splashing. The maintenance cost for those sorts of structures is much higher, especially if you live somewhere near the beach, where salty spray in the air can be very corrosive.