What Is Involved in the Process of Working With Cabinet Makers?

When installing new cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home, you do have the option to purchase pre-made or semi-custom cabinets. You might want to hire professional custom cabinet makers to help you with building and installing your cabinets, though. If you're interested in doing this but are curious about what is involved in the process, these are the main steps you should be prepared for.

Measurements Will Be Taken

First of all, the cabinet maker will probably visit your home and take measurements of the spaces where you want to install cabinets. This is important so they know how much space they are working with and so they can make sure that your cabinets fit. This is actually one of the best parts of using a cabinet maker's services since you don't have to worry about an improper fit. As you can probably imagine, an improper fit can be a big and common problem when purchasing pre-made cabinets.

They Will Talk to You About Your Cabinet Layout and Design

Once your cabinet maker knows how much space they have to work with, they will talk to you about the cabinet layout that you want for your space. They can help you determine how many cabinets you want, how big you want them to be and where you want them to be placed. They can also talk to you about installing drawers along with your cabinets, as part of their layout. Naturally, they will also discuss what colour you want your cabinets to be, what kind of design you want them to have and what kind of hardware you're interested in.

Budget Will Probably Be Discussed

You might already realize that working with a custom cabinet maker can be a bit more expensive, but you might be curious about just how much more expensive it will be. This depends on the specific cabinets that you choose and the size of your space. Your cabinet maker might discuss your budget with you and help you choose cabinet finishes and designs that will easily fit your budget.

Cabinets Will Be Built

Once your cabinet maker has drawn up a design for your cabinets, they will get to work at sourcing materials and building the cabinets to your specifications.

Installation Will Be Done

Once your cabinet maker has finished making your beautiful custom cabinets, these cabinets will be transported carefully to your home. Then, they will be professionally installed in the spots that you chose when coming up with your cabinet layout. All hardware should be installed, and your cabinets should be straight and even and should look great when installation is finished.