3 Ways to Keep Dust out of Your Walk-In Wardrobe

If you have room to build a walk-in wardrobe on your bedroom, then you may have decided to go for an open plan look. While this approach displays all your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can see and access them all easily, it does have its drawbacks.

Dust is your enemy here. It doesn't matter how often you vacuum the floor, dust will get into open wardrobes. It's a better idea to plan the space a little differently to keep dust at bay. These ideas will help.

1. Add Some Doors

If you hang and store your clothes, shoes and accessories in open wardrobes and on open shelves, then they will attract dust. However, this won't necessarily affect all your wardrobe contents.

For example, stuff you wear regularly tends to stay dust-free; however, things you don't use that often will get dusty. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to add some doors to the wardrobe.

This doesn't mean that you have to close off all your storage areas. If you don't want to have doors everywhere, then you could put a door on one part of the wardrobe.

You could use this section for clothes you don't wear that often. For example, it could hold out-of-season or party clothes.

Bear in mind that doors don't have to block up the space. If you use glass doors, then the wardrobe stays light and open. Your clothes are protected from dust, but you can still see them all.

2. Use Drawers and Cupboards

You may have planned your walk-in wardrobe to include open shelves and pigeon-hole cubes. These areas will hold clothes that don't need to hang, like sweaters and jeans. They are also a good place to store shoes and accessories.

Again, open storage will bring in dust. It makes more sense to build drawers and cupboards under hanging space. For example, drawers can hold folded clothes and accessories. A shoe cupboard can keep all your shoes dust-free even if you don't wear some of them all that often.

3. Use Storage Boxes

If you do decide to have some open shelving or cubby holes, then it's worth investing in some storage boxes. If you put things in the boxes rather than leaving them out in the open, then they won't get dusty. Boxes also keep your wardrobe looking neat and tidy.

For more help on designing your space, talk to walk-in wardrobe suppliers.