Two Suggestions for Couples Who Are Creating Their Wedding Registries

If you're about to get hitched to the man or woman you love and the two of you are currently deciding what items to put on your wedding gift registry, you might find these two suggestions quite useful.

Don't be afraid to put homeware made by designer brands on your list

It's always a good idea to include homewares on a wedding registry, as these are the type of goods that you and your partner will find really useful when starting off your life of domestic bliss together in your shared home. However, you may feel hesitant about including any designer homewares on this list, simply because they will cost more than ones that available at most homeware chain stores.

This is not something that you need to worry about.  The reality is that getting married is an extremely special occasion, on which it is completely appropriate for wedding guests to give a couple some special, high-end gifts. More importantly, it is safe to assume that most of your loved ones genuinely want to give you some really beautiful gifts, which are fancy enough to mark the importance of this event.

In fact, some of them may even take offence if you present them with a registry filled with run-of-the-mill homeware items that are inexpensive and mass-produced, as they may view this as you robbing them of the opportunity to give you a meaningful and distinctive gift. By including both designer homewares and everyday household goods on your list, you can ensure that the people who want and can afford to give you the former have the chance to do so, whilst those who are a bit cash-strapped can opt to give you the latter.

Include one or two items that can be personalised

When picking items for your wedding registry, you should include at least a couple of things that can be personalised at the point of purchase by the buyer. For example, you might want to include a sterling silver photo frame from a shop that offers an engraving service or an art print from a shop that sells customisable prints.

The reason for this is as follows; the beauty of setting up a wedding registry is that it helps your loved ones to pick gifts for you and ensures that you don't receive any duplicates. However, one of the downsides is that it prevents people from choosing gifts that they personally want to give you and which might have some special or funny meaning attached to them (for example, there might be a specific homeware item that relates to a private joke you, your partner and a friend of yours made up and often laugh about).

By adding customisable items to your registry, you will give the people in your life a chance to add a heart-warming message or a funny quip to your gift, that will make you smile whenever you pass by it in your home.