Three Factors That Determine Whether You Have To Use Removalists

When moving house, there is always a debate about whether or not you need to hire removalists or if you can potentially do the heavy lifting on your own. While in some cases, particularly for singles who are just moving apartments, you might be able to get away without using professionals, there are a lot of factors that will immediately require you to hire these moving companies. It is money well spent and will make the transition a lot easier, so it is important to know when to use them. Here is a list of common factors that will virtually always mean that you have to use professionals.


If you are moving any amount of furniture, whether that be your dresser, a dining room table, or even just your single bed, you should always use removalists. This is because not only are these items heavy and require the correct positioning to lift them safely, but they can easily crush your other belongings if you are not careful. Removalists are great at spacing out furniture so that they know it will be safe during the trip, while also taking care to not chip or dent it during this process.

Interstate Removals

Whenever you are crossing state lines, it is a good idea to contract out your move because of how much risk is involved the further you go. You never know what issues will arise when trying to move on your own, from a bumpier road than you expect to a flat tire due to the overloaded rear. Being out on the road, hundreds of kilometres away from most of the mechanics you know with close to a tonne of belongings in a van is no place for the inexperienced to be. Interstate removals are carried out by people who know the route, have driven hundreds of these deliveries before and can keep everything stable and in pristine condition when they arrive.

Fragile Belongings

You might think you are good at boxing up all your belongings, even the more fragile ones, but the truth is that there is a certain art to this process that you only learn through experience. Using removalists to pack your belongings is an often underutilized aspect of their services but one that can save your priceless heirlooms from an untimely demise in the back of a van. If you have a lot of fragile belongings from years of collecting, you should protect them with professional quality care.